Vacany for an astronaut

Ok, if you’re going to write to the Welsh Space Agency at least put the proper bloody stamp on. It cost me £1.50 to receive these 29 job applications for our vacant astronaut position from Year 6 at Newton School, Mumbles. 
And what a lying bunch they all are anyway. The interviews will be interesting!


The Fences of Berwyn County

Walking Wednesday again. So we headed back to the Berwyns. We started off at the flesh pot of Pistyll Rhaeadr (Pistol Rider FFS!). We climbed up via Moel Sych and down Moel Ewig along the lonely heather and bog-stompy ridge to the lonely outpost of Godor.
I was trying out a new anorak, and so, armed with my copy of “The Observer’s book of British Fences” we spent the day taking photos of the miles of rusted sheep-netting to be found out there. These melancholic works of art are as much the landscape as the rocks, peat hags and endless folds of heather.

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Nantwich Poetry Slam

Brilliant slam at Nantwich on Sunday. And a worthy winner in Calum Dwyer – he ticked all the boxes and was always going to win. Full house, great poems and vocal audience. The venue and particularly the sound and video set up were especially good. I’m glad I didn’t enter now – against this chap I could only hope for 2nd.

Calum Dwyer winner of Nantwich Poetry Slam


Walking Wednesday

A wonderful Wednesday in the Berwyn mountains. Followed the ridge up above Ty’n y Ffridd over Mynydd Tarw, Foel Wen, Tomle and finally the twin peaks of Cadair Berwyn. 
We counted 30 ravens twisting and cavorting in an aerial lek above Mynydd Tarw. Some amazing old fences, a micro-cairn on Tomle, and all round magnificence.
We ran out of daylight to take in the final peak of Godor on the way down. 7 hours walking and we didn’t see a soul. I am alive once more.



Martin Evans reading at Voicebox open mic in WrexhamReading three poems themed around the aging process to a load of university kids at Voicebox, Wrexham (12th Oct 2015).  Our usual mixed age audience had deserted us and I have to put this one down as a practice run. Wretched photo too – obscured as I am by the mic.